Don’t be a Complacent Carl! Protect your Data from Everyday Calamities


Take the Journey to Managed Back Up with Visionary Veronica and Complacent Carl

Visionary Veronica and Complacent Carl are business owners and competitors in Anywhere, USA. They attended an online meeting with Tim, a Managed Service Provider (MSP). He shared how managed backup could protect their business from everyday calamities.

Tim explained that these calamities could include IT failures and outages, IT device theft or loss, extreme weather and other events, data corruption issues, and ransomware attacks. Tim stated that managed backup could pay for itself the first time they use it to recover their data. After listening to all that Tim was explaining, Visionary Veronica stated, “That is valuable for my business and could save me time and money over the cost.” She immediately signed up for managed backup and started service that same day. Complacent Carl, on the other hand, failed to share the same viewpoint as Visionary Veronica. He emphatically stated, “That’s too expensive, I don’t need that.” He declined the offer since he already manually backs up his files to an external hard drive.

A couple of weeks passed by. One morning, Visionary Veronica noticed an unusual clicking sound coming from somewhere inside her computer. She continued to work on an important proposal that she needed later that day. All of the sudden, her screen turned black. She quickly called Tim who was able to restore her proposal in minutes on a backup laptop. The rest of her data was restored quickly as she continued to work on the 50-page document.

Later that week, a big storm ran through Complacent Carl’s town. When he went into work the next day, he noticed his computer would not turn on. He called up a local computer repair store where they were able to repair the machine, but it would take a couple of days. After a couple of days and a large repair bill, he finally received his computer back. He noticed that the last backup done on his computer was from a couple of weeks ago. While the computer repair store was able to repair the computer, they were not able to recover the data from after his last data backup. Complacent Carl realized this situation had become a financial burden with the large repair bill. He also realized he had lost valuable time, business, and, most importantly, critical information for his business. He finally reached out to Tim for managed backup services. Don’t be a Complacent Carl.

Why Take Chances with your Data? Get Managed Backup Today?

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