It’s National Hurricane Preparedness Week- 8 Action Steps to Prepare


Now is the Time to Prepare

Did you know it’s National Hurricane Preparedness week? That’s right! This first week of May is a time set aside to prepare for any upcoming storms.

As a Florida based company, we know hurricanes and tropical storms can emerge seemingly out of nowhere.  We know the detriment these storms can cause. Looking back on history, we can see the devastation that blew through south Florida and other tropical regions in 2004 with the back-to-back storms Francis and Jeanne. Hurricanes can be a threat to you and your business.

When hearing of a possible storm developing, some might stock up on food and gasoline or scramble to board up their windows. But, what about your technology? Don’t forget to take the necessary precautions to protect your technology.

At C&W Technologies, our goal is to provide exceptional service at all times even when preparing for a hurricane. We want to help YOU prepare for a storm. Below are 8 action steps you can take to protect your system.

1- Properly shutdown servers, turn off computer equipment, and unplug all power cables.

2- All equipment should be moved off the floor to avoid damage due to possible flooding. This can be important for a significant rainfall event.

3- Cover all equipment with a tarp or plastic to prevent water damage from a leaking roof.

4- Close all interior doors to offices & hallways.

5- Move all data backups to a safe location. Off-Site Disaster Recovery backups are best practice and the most reliable and safest method to implement.

6- Keep all equipment away from windows, doors, skylights, or any other dangerous locations.

7- If you are leaving the area, take your data backups and important documents with you.

8- If there is no electricity after the storm, do not run your electronic equipment with a portable generator unless approved by the manufacturer. Non sine wave power can damage electronic equipment.


When storms are on the radar, make it a point to protect your computers and network equipment. Let us help you!


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