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Helping you secure your data and serve your clients more effectively

Law firms that don’t have a reliable partner providing high-level IT management, consulting, and security are at risk for IT systems malfunction, compliance violations, expensive downtime, and unhappy clients.

Our team works with firms large and small across the region to help mitigate the risk that IT issues could have on their organizations, and we’re ready to serve you.


Preparing now for your firm’s next stage of growth

The legal industry has become more aware of the need for enterprise-class IT security and the digital transformation of workflow. The good news is that along with top-shelf cybersecurity and workflow optimization comes a full slate of pro-growth benefits for your firm.

  • Improved confidence in your IT systems
  • Expanded collaborative ability—regardless of location
  • Increased capacity
  • Strengthened protections against cyber-intrusion and ransomware
  • Lowered risk of unplanned downtime
  • Upgraded ability to meet client’s technology and collaboration expectations
  • Support in adherence to legislative and industry-standard compliance requirements


The truth about securing legal workflow

The ABA 2020 Report demonstrated that 29% of law firms in the country experienced some form of cybersecurity attack in 2020.

Best practice IT security protocols managed and monitored by our team of cybersecurity professionals help you mitigate the risk to your law firm and your reputation. Building out both a cybersecurity infrastructure and a corresponding culture of security awareness within your organization is your best defense. We can help you protect your data and workflow from malware, ransomware, spyware, and unauthorized access.


A holistic approach to the care of your IT systems

Whether you’ve migrated your operations entirely into the cloud, are using on-premises servers, or have taken a hybrid approach to your workflow, our team is here to provide proactive IT care throughout your operations.   Day-to-day IT management and maintenance

  • Answers for IT questions
  • IT monitoring and incident response
  • Mobile collaboration solutions
  • Executive-level IT consulting
  • Business continuity strategies
  • Regulatory compliance support

Meet client expectations and stay competitive

Your clients have high expectations regarding your client-facing technologies and collaboration with them on their files. You have to meet or exceed the IT personalization and efficiency they see in other industries—from your phone systems to file sharing and virtual meeting setups. Our team helps you pursue the discovery and implementation of client-facing technologies. Your digital transformation efforts, both internally and externally, dovetail with your brand reputation and service excellence to improve your competitive edge.

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