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IT Support and Cybersecurity Management for Insurance Companies, Local Branches, and Brokers


Outsourced IT support for insurance is the most efficient, cost-effective way to give your insurance business reliable and secure use of your tech. Our team works closely with insurers like you to help mitigate downtime and cyberattack risk while leveling up your systems to stay competitive.


Helping you Implement New Technologies


  66% of insurance executives say that their company is experiencing an acceleration of digital transformation.


The insurance industry is going through waves of disruption as new technologies make their way onto the market and into large insurers and local broker’s offices as well. To stay competitive—and often to stay compliant—your local office or branch must implement these new solutions. Our team can help you put these in place and manage them for you moving forward.


IT Answers and Troubleshooting


Because nagging IT issues and problems with computers slow your workday and impede your ability to provide fast service to clients, it’s important to have IT specialists on your side. By partnering with our firm, you gain a resource for answers to your employees’ tech questions and troubleshooting for those issues that could otherwise be roadblocks to getting things done.


Delivering Enterprise-class IT Security for Operational and Client Data Protection


It’s no secret that cybercriminals target insurance offices like yours because of the massive amounts of client data in your files. IBM reports that the average cost of a data breach in a professional services business was 4.65 million dollars in 2021. Protecting that data is a high priority for you. We bring a wealth of experience, industry best practices, and cutting-edge IT security tools to the fight against ransomware, malware, and unauthorized file access.


Our Comprehensive Array of Services Includes:


IT maintenance and management

Cybersecurity assessments and management

Strategic IT consulting and planning

IT compliance management

24/7/365 IT monitoring and troubleshooting

Data backup and disaster response

Business continuity strategy and management


                                             Meeting IT Compliance Mandates


Because our IT specialists work with clients in the insurance industry on a regular basis, we have a firm grasp on the IT-related compliance requirements involved.          Along with helping you maintain compliance; we can help you with proving and reporting your compliance to regulators.



Mitigating Downtime Risk


You need your IT systems to be up and running so you can communicate and collaborate with clients and underwriters. We provide you with the continuous IT maintenance and monitoring needed to drastically lower your risk of unplanned downtime.


Helping you Move from Outdated – and Potentially Vulnerable—on-site Legacy Systems


Old technology can easily be vulnerable to cyberattack. Many insurers are making the choice to align business and technology strategies. 80% of insurance executives are seeing business and tech strategy as inseparable.  That means partnering with a team like ours to migrate out of outdated legacy systems to newer, more flexible cloud-based solutions.


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