Time is money! Don’t make the mistake of calling the 1-800 pop-up!


Too often, we see clients who have been hacked on their devices because of calling a mismarked service number from Amazon or Microsoft. It happens so frequently that we have a name for these believable scammer notifications. We refer to the pop-ups as, “the 1-800 pop-ups.”

The story goes, Sally was one day going through her emails. All of the sudden, a pop-up from Amazon appeared. The pop-up said, “Was this you? Someone has used your Amazon account to purchase $500 worth of household cleaning supplies. Call this number to verify this transaction, 1(800) xxx-xxxx.” Sally knew she had not made this purchase and attempted to call the 1-800 number provided. She was soon connected with an “Amazon service provider” who said she must allow him into her computer to terminate the transaction. Before she knew it, Sally was talked in to paying the “Amazon service provider” $1,200 to rectify the issue.

When Sally realized she was scammed, she brought her infected computer to the local computer store to get it cleaned up. There, her computer was cleaned for another added charge. After her computer was cleaned of all infections, Sally realized the frustration the situation had caused her. She wasted many precious hours and a large sum of money trying to rectify the issue.


Don’t fall for the same ploy as Sally!

Scammers are real, and they will stop at nothing to present a believable hook to try to trick their prey. Don’t fall for it! Let’s decipher the situation.


  • If a pop-up appears on your screen saying, “there has been a charge on your account,” check your account first to see if the claim is legitimate. If you have a question about a pop-up’s legitimacy, call C&W Technologies!
  • If a “1-800” number pops up, DON’T CALL IT!
  • If someone says they must, “get into your computer to fix the issue,” don’t let them in. If a company ever needs to remote into your device, make sure you know the company and they are reputable.
  • Never pay a company if you are not clear as to what the charge is for.


What are some preventative steps you can take to avoid scamming misfortunes? It is important to make sure your device has proper security. Contact us to learn more about the security coverage we offer. Especially in the holiday season, scammers are in action. Eric, CEO and President of C&W Technologies, had the pleasure of speaking with the Better Business Bureau about what
you can do to avoid becoming a victim during the holidays as scams continue to become more sophisticated. Watch the short video clip.


YouTube video

This situation happens all too often. It is unfortunate to see individuals unknowingly fall for a scammer’s ploy. Don’t be the next victim! If you have any questions, call C&W Technologies, a technology team you can trust.

At C&W Technologies, we are here for you! We have been providing top-notch IT service since 1985. Our team of skilled professionals is available to help you no matter the circumstance. Contact us today! To learn more, visit our website or call our office-(772)287-5215.

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