IT Services for Law Firms

Did you know? According to the American Bar Association’s 2020 Legal Technology Survey Report, 29% of law firms experienced a security breach that resulted in

Hook, Line, and Sinker

Data Theft Happens Every Day In 2018, a phishing attack targeted a large US city government in Atlanta.  The attackers sent an email to city

System Vulnerabilities?

New Research Shows IoT and OT Innovation is Critical to Business but Comes with Significant Risk The Internet of Things (IoT) and operational technology (OT)

Make a more personal connection with Eye Contact

  This blog post features an interview with Stevie Bathiche, a Microsoft Technical Fellow and one of the engineers behind the unique Eye Contact technology

Reduce the Load on Frontline Workers with the Right Management Technology

Are you protecting your frontline workers from burnout, work overload, and anxiety? 58% of frontline workers believe work stress will stay the same or worsen,

Top Opportunities for Automotive and Mobility in 2022

Prepare for the Technology Transformation Technology and partnerships are at the forefront of this transformation to a connected, autonomous, shared and electric vehicle future. Read

5 Questions on the Minds of Hybrid Managers

    Is Remote Work the Revolution of Business? Remote work can have its benefits and drawbacks. Sure, it is great working in the comfortable

Transform the Way you Engage

Ever-changing Technology Technology is always changing- especially in the medical field.  This informative flyer explains how healthcare professionals can benefit from the secure Microsoft Surface

Technology- The Wave of the Future

  Technology has been the US economy’s best defense against the COVID pandemic. Computing and communicating across the Internet has allowed an enormous number of

Time is money! Don’t make the mistake of calling the 1-800 pop-up!

Too often, we see clients who have been hacked on their devices because of calling a mismarked service number from Amazon or Microsoft. It happens

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