New Month. New Day. New Opportunities for Cyberattacks.


The month of October is dedicated to cybersecurity awareness. But, in reality, shouldn’t we be aware that cyberattacks happen on a consistent basis? And, shouldn’t we take the necessary precautions to keep our data secure?

The answer is YES!

Cyberattacks happen constantly. Hackers are always trying to tap into your system. In report from Kiplinger, Vol. 98, No. 43, it states,

“In a new report, Microsoft said that nongovernmental organizations and think tanks were the second-most-targeted sector for cyberattacks, behind only governments. Helping improve nonprofit cybersecurity would have far-reaching effects. Consider the many donors, volunteers, and outside partners… government agencies, companies, etc.… with data held by both small and large nonprofit organizations. Plus, many nonprofits are engaged in lifesaving or otherwise vitally important work. An attack can devastate a nonprofit and hurt vulnerable people desperate for aid.”

The last sentence of the quote from Kiplinger is critical. No matter the business, for profit or not for profit, security is paramount. What can be done to ensure your business is secure?

Keep your data secure- trust the team that has been doing IT right since 1985.

C&W Technologies is the name to trust for anything IT. When it comes to security, we can create an IT security action plan across all physical, administrative, and technical dimensions of your business. As a result, the likelihood of loss casualty will be significantly decreased. IT security and business continuity are what matter. Let us secure your business today!

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