Obsolescent Creep


We all know that our technology is not meant to last forever. With the emergence of new technology, sometimes it may be difficult to decide when to upgrade a system. A couple of things to look at to make sure your device is working optimally are the hard-drive, the operating system, and cloud-based software and security requirements.

Are you experiencing a slow computer? Maybe, your computer takes forever to open a program. While there are many possible causes for a slow computer, one thing to look at is your hard-drive. Is your hard-drive a solid-state drive? Many older computers have a hard-drive that is outdated with many spinning parts. Solid-state hard-drives not only provide a significant speed upgrade when replacing older hard-drives, but they are better able to withstand movement and possible droppage of a device. A solid-state hard-drive act as a magician as they bring older computers back to life! Check out our hardware page to learn more.

Operating systems are always updating and are radically different from the initial release with Microsoft. As stated, technology is constantly developing. Older devices may have a difficult time keeping up with the required updates. Moreover, if devices are older, they may require additional resources when updating.

Cloud-based software has advanced increasing demands on web browsers. Cloud systems are becoming in high demand as they provide the on-demand availability of computer system resources. Due to the many features that cloud systems offer, older devices may not be able to keep up with the demands.

Security requirements have increased overhead. Because of this increase, older computers may experience longer scan or load time.
With the ever-changing technology advances, it is important to keep up to date.

Knowledge is key. Take the necessary measures to keep yourself informed of the technology trends and new technology releases. Make sure you are stopping the subtle obsolescent creep from taking over your device.

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