Time is money! Don’t make the mistake of calling the 1-800 pop-up!

Too often, we see clients who have been hacked on their devices because of calling a mismarked service number from Amazon or Microsoft. It happens so frequently that we have a name for these believable scammer notifications. We refer to the pop-ups as,...
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New month. New day. New opportunities for cyberattacks.

The month of October is dedicated to cybersecurity awareness. But, in reality, shouldn’t we be aware that cyberattacks happen on a consistent basis? And, shouldn’t we take the necessary precautions to keep our data secure? The answer is YES! Cyberattacks...
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Your anti-virus software is not enough

There was a time when anti-virus software was the height of computer security, especially if you were a Windows user. But the landscape of threats has changed, and we live in an era of sweeping, global campaigns, like the ransomware “WannaCry” infection...
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